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Anthon Beeke Documentairy

Close Up (Dutch Docu)


Inventive type for an album cover


Dutch Profiles: Irma Boom

Irma Boom, a master in book design.

More Dutch profiles (including Thonik & Wim Crouwel):

Amazing Type Game

As you might already know: great things come from Japan

And this is one of them:

Play the video game here: androp “Bell” music video game

All Is Not Lost

Create your own Human Type by OK GO &  Pilobolus

All Is Not Lost is the latest in the line of excellent OK GO videos. This time it’s a Google Chrome HTML 5 experiment

All Is Not Lost

Previous OK GO videos

Also check out Arcade Fire’s
HTML 5 experience The Wilderness Downtown

Computer Arts Tutorial on how to design an experimental typeface

Design an experimental typeface

Sutnar’s Controlled Visual Flow

Graphic Designer Ladislav Sutnar (1897-1976)

A pioneer in information design

More infomore info