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Fun illustrations by Rick Hedof;


The Little Friends of Printmaking

Little friends of printmaking; Screenprinting heroes

The Little Friends of Printmaking shop

Grain Edit

Grain Edit; Inspirational type, illustration & interviews.

grain edit

T is for Type

Upload your own illustrative Type at Letter Playground

Helvetica the movie

Helvetica; a documentary about the Typeface by Gary Hustwit. Interviews with Neville Brody, Stefan Sagmeister, David Carson, Experimental Jetset and other great designers.

Ps: Find more great documentaries at Documentary Heaven.com (including Objectified also by Gary Hustwit)

Wim Crouwel Exhibition

Wim Crouwel by Luke Hayes

Go visit this exhibition!

Wim Crouwel; one of the most influential Dutch Graphic Designers at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam